Die-Cut BingeTokyo w/ "Anime is Life" P&W Holo (full-size)

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  • BingeTokyo + "Anime is Life" Katakana
  • 7" Pink/White Die Cut
  • Our original logo!
  • Size: 7" Wide Die Cut Sticker
  • Good for 4+ Years of outdoor use with proper care.
  • Applies any smooth surface with ease. (Car Paint, Windows, Laptops, Books, Etc.)
  • All Sales are Final. Please see our FAQ/Shipping Page.
  • Reflective finish air release material to avoid bubbles. It can be applied to cars, laptops, or any flat and smooth surface.
  • Once the item or package is scanned by USPS or UPS we are not responsible for the order. We do not own or are responsible for USPS or UPS operations. All Sales are Final. No refunds.

*NOTE: These are die cut stickers.  Every letter (even the dot of the "i" is a separate sticker, so please follow application instructions carefully)