BingeTokyo.jp is a Nashville based brand dedicated to bringing the lovers of Japanese culture, cars and anime together. ((Binge on everything Japanese.)) All of our designs and stickers are 100% original and printed locally by fellow enthusiasts.

Our mission is as simple as two words: Enjoy Yourself. We push ourselves and you to have fun every day. Whether that is through meeting us at one of our circuit days or watching your favorite anime for the 900th time is strictly up to you.

We host track days & mini meets locally simply to have fun with our friends. We also attend car shows, race events, and cons. We do all of this simply to enjoy and support the community we love. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your smile at our booth when you see your favorite anime character right in front of you. We love listening to you and our followers, so if there is a character you are dying for us to draw, contact us and we'll make it happen. We have over 50 characters currently, but we won't stop any time soon. 

Our blog is our place to show off all of our favorite cars, shows, and Japanese-related news. We showcase cars we find inspiring and beautiful, games and clothing we think are rad, anime that break our hearts or make us howl laughing, or some bomb ramen we tried recently.

We have also expanded our design services recently to include car renderings. This means we can take a photo of your car and digitally draw it in our own unique style as well as print it for you as a sticker.

Represent your inner Otaku/Car nerd with one of our stickers or shirts and we'll see you at the next event! If you have any questions or ideas, message us on Facebook or email us. Write a good review on FB and we'll send you a coupon code.

Tag us: #bingetokyo and @bingetokyo.jp

Email us at info@bingetokyo.com