Photos by Dan (@Sti_bato)

Wekfest Chicago 2018 was held at Navy Pier right on the lake. This venue was the very clean and we are happy to hear that Wekfest is making this their home in Chicago. It was easy to get in and out of and there was plenty to do which I believe resulted in a huge turnout in not only great builds but spectators. We will definitely be back next year. 

The only complaint about the venue I have is the lack of power outlets. They wanted to charge us $500+ to have an electrician come plug in a converter so we could charge our iPads and such. (No thanks, we took shifts running all the way upstairs to charge devices as needed.)

Over 300 builds from all corners of the Midwest / East regions came together for this event.

Best of show went to the TEAM EMOTION RB26 Nissan Silvia S15 again. Well deserved win again.

Melvin's 240sx decked out in a Midori Green on SSRs and 180sx aero. Sitting low and setup for drifting, but still breaking necks at a car show. Glad to see the ClubFR guys setup promoting another style of driving. If you're in the midwest region and are trying to get into drifting, you definitely need to attend one of their drift days. Simba and crew are arguably the best OG drift dudes in the USA.

This was our first time running a booth in the Chicago area, and the reception to our stickers and gear was amazing. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and purchased something.

There were a few very cool Lotus Exige at this Wekfest. Something I haven't seen in person. It is one of the few cars that I think a widebody really accentuates the stock lines if done correctly.

The Ramblers crew rolled out with their track cars. I was muy sad to see Chris Sullivan and his S2000 missing, but he was apparently as sick as a dog.

TFworks Mike & Dave's twinning S-chassis. Gorgeous & powerful multipurpose builds.

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Come see us at our track day on June 23rd at NCM Motorsports Park!