We rolled down to Atlanta to attend the first ever Wekfest Atlanta. We have been to ATL 2 other times in recent weeks and Wekfest was by far brought out the highest quality cars in the area this year.

The great part about how the Wekfest guys run things, is they REALLY want the best cars there to inspire spectators how to properly execute a build. They actually turned away cars at the door when they arrived looking a little more busted than pictures made them out to be. I find this hilarious but also awesome as they stay true to their ideals regardless of the consequences (people getting butt hurt.)

The guys from Mackin saw our cars and had us park in their booth showing off our Advan & Rays wheels. Meeting new people in the industry and making lasting connections is my favorite part about events. Rays released the new AZURE 57ANA and it is gorgeous, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Next to my S2000 was the car of the show, a Nissan Silvia S15 with a RB26 Single turbo monster of a car that was built for SEMA. This car won the show in my eyes after literally 5 seconds of inspecting it.


I'm not a huge car show fan personally, but Wekfest is accepting of all styles as long as you put soul and quality into your build. Our Fake Parts sticker would really fit in with the Wekfest guys.

The weather was rainy and miserable, leaving everyone to quickly clean (scratch paint) their cars upon arrival. But all the cars cleaned up really well and the show started. I believe the weather held a good number of showcase cars away as well as a lot of spectators, but for Wekfest's first time in Atlanta it was an excellent show and I hope to see them come back.

We ended up taking home trophies for best livery (My S2000), 2nd best S2000 (Johnny Tsunami), Best STI (Chris Neranjan), 2nd Best Subaru (Dan Bato) , Best NSX, and Best Dodge (JohnB).

Special thanks to Moe Drennon and Dan Bato for the photos.