I was randomly browsing through IOS app store, and ran across a 'Rhythm games' section. VOEZ stood out to me with it's anime inspired art/video, so I decided to download it and give it a shot.

This game reminds me the old DDR days, but not in the sense of fond nostalgia. This game reminds me how god awful I am at rhythm games. I have no idea how I learned to play drums whatsoever.

The songs I've played through thus far are rather soulless dubstep-inspired bad lyric messes, BUT I still have a blast playing this game from time to time. I will never get to expert level, or hard for that matter.

The game combines all of the touchscreen features of the past decade, tapping, swiping, dragging, and hard pressing. I haven't had to really work too hard, because yet again, I am dog **** at these games.

Here are 2 songs I was complete garbage at. Enjoy and laugh!

I am not affiliated with VOEZ or Apple. BingeTokyo is not being paid to endorse or sell either product. I am just telling you about a decent pass time I found.

Download VOEZ on the App Store.