After watching the first 5 episodes of the current Winter 2018 anime, Violet Evergarden, I wanted to give my first impression and thoughts on the show.

I won't give away any major spoilers in this post.

The show follows the main character, Violet Evergarden. In the story's universe, Violet's country has just ended a large scale war. Violet was a 'tool' of sorts so we can expect she was a killing machine. She lost her arms towards the tail end of the war, and we meet her post-therapy with new mech-arms. 

So far, we have been seeing her process memories from the war and trying to find her place in a time of peace. We watch her struggle to find and become proficient at a mundane job. Due to being stuck in a war-time mindset, Violet constantly has awkward confrontations with clients and friends alike.

Violet begins a career in search of the meaning of the words 'I Love You', told to her by commanding officer in the military. She is more or less a robot in human skin, and is now fighting to understand humans and love. Little does she know, it seems to have already passed her by. (Depressing)

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