If you live in or visit Nashville and are a Ramen junkie and/or Japanese enthusiast, you need to visit Two Ten Jack in East Nashville.

We go here about once a month to chow down and enjoy some of our favorite dishes.

The Tonkotsu is our group favorite, we rarely (if ever) deviate from this choice.

Tip: Add Chili oil and extra egg.

The Yakitori selection is fire as well. You MUST try the following:

  • Sasami
  • Skirt Steak
  • Hotate

The booze list is full of amazing Japanese sake, whiskey, beer and more!

Our favorite whiskey so far is the Hakushu 12yr. You can't go wrong with Asahi or Sapporo when it comes to beer. 

If you're new to Sake, try the Hakutsuru Sayuri

Photos by: Ando
Text by: Drew

Visit Two Ten Jack.