evs tuning



Meet Jerrod, a southern boy with a waifu complex. Jerrod is connoisseur of all things whiskey, S2000, 80s-90s Japan, and Cowboy Bebop. So naturally he fits right in with our group of friends. He is quiet and conserved, but busts out some big moves when it comes to his car; recently fitting his front end with a Spoon V2 front bumper and some YAGI carbon side splitters. He is going to plaster a Voltex rear diffuser under the back to round out the aero and then continue his trek towards more mechanical grip.

Jerrod also frequents our Circuit Days at NCM and is progressing nicely as a driver, becoming smoother each time he hits the course. It is always refreshing to see clean cars get beat on at the track. Follow him on instagram @tsukiko6287.