While I never played the original Shadow of Colossus on PS2 back in the day, I always heard great things. So when I heard it was being remastered for the PS4 I *HAD* to try it out.

From the opening scene, I could understand the hype. The graphics, while not Square Enix level, are outstanding and the ability to move the camera during cutscenes is fun.

I immediately jumped in after listening to a mysterious 'god' voice telling me I need to kill some random Colossi in order to save this random woman.

I am impressed by the lack of instructions this game offers. (Honestly) I love the fact that you have to problem solve your way through fights. There are small glowing sections on each boss that brings the huge Colossus down to it's knees enabling you to climb it. There are various obstacles keeping you from swiftly scaling the monster, such as a hold timer (you fall when it empties itself), the boss shaking or jumping, scales in the form of walls, etc. 

Boss 3 was fun, you had to bait the boss into slamming its weapon-arm into a platform in order for it to break. At this point you could scale its arm, jump to its body, and attack its 2 weak points.

You get a horse that reminds me of Bucephalus, and me being a huge Alexander the Great fan, I love using this horse.

In the end, this game is quick paced with no trash mobs to mess with. There is no power scale or leveling up. Just a simple game where you find 16 giant monsters and use your brain to defeat them.

Comment below with your favorite boss.

PS: (I am REALLY looking forward to the Spyro game coming out in September.)