We ran into Ramon at Import Alliance Summer Meet 2017 and fell in love with his car. The car is simple and non-turbo, but when we drove it on some lakeside roads, it handled well and was extremely fun. I used to own a Honda beat, so I am pretty used to RHD already, and compared to the tiny roadster, this was MUCH easier to drive. This car would be the perfect daily or starting canvas for a RB25DET swap.

I am personally a huge fan of 4DR R32, it just has such a strong 90s vibe to it. Not much is done to Ramon's car so far, but every little mod or accessory is tasteful and well executed.

The Work VSXX is a solid choice for the car. Can't go wrong with a classic.

Ramon had his front lip, bumper, eyelids, and skirts/valances paint matched to the original Greyish Blue Pearl. The color of this car wouldn't be most people's first or even second choice, and that's why it stands out. It is unique and very rarely seen in the wild.

The interior is mint, with no dash bubble or cracks. The oem fabrics are in 100% mint condition and all of the creature comforts work. This is a good find for sure.

Ramon told us he is going to be doing a RB25DET swap in the future, along with bags or air cup system (stay on coilovers and attack the mountains!). We'll keep our eye on Ramon and his car, it is definitely a build to follow closely.

Question Time

How’d you get into cars? Well I've been into cars as long as I can remember even as a kid. I got into it extremely deep when I picked up my first 240sx when I was 16. 

F&F or Top Gear? Original F&F

Favorite 90’s Car? I don't think I really have a favorite car I respect so many.

Favorite Anime? Dbz if that counts 

How many cars have you owned? 8

Favorite wheels? I love a lot of wheels i don't think I have a favorite

Future plans for your car? Future plans for it should be bags and a swap other then that I just kind of play it by ear when I run into parts I like etc. 



Stance XR1 coilovers 

17x9.5 +17 work vsxx


RB20e single cam... for now

Has isr blast pipes with magnaflow muffler


Nardi steering wheel

Floral shift knob


Type m skirts

Type m valances

Gtr front bumper

Gtr front lip

Headlight covers 

Custom painted tails