Earlier this month, I made the trek up to Indianapolis to attend PRI for the first time. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. PRI has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Pushing themselves as the event to go to if you're trying to get things done, not just party.

It was extremely cold and snowing most of the weekend. Indy is full of race shops and composite companies, with streets packed with nothing but automotive businesses. Downtown was pretty neat, with many of the buildings being attached by indoor bridges.

I left at 4 AM to make it to Indy in time for the doors to open. I was met by a sea of spectators and booths. Ranging from titanium manufacturing to pistons and racing gear to Cleaning supplies. Below are some highlights from my walk around the event.

Tens of Thousands of industry members and enthusiasts gathered in 3 halls to see what is coming to the market next season.

Some flamboyant race jugs caught my eye. 5.5GAL capacity.

Haltech / Racepak showing off their new bluetooth setups and Racepak IQ3 Displays.

Innovate's Ethanol Content Sensors and Gauges.

MOTEC Displays were crisp and fast reacting. These were my personal favorites alongside the AIM Sports displays.

Wilwood displayed multiple Caliper/BBK setups, along with a cockpit that let you see how each caliper reacts to the press of the pedal.

Setrab Oil Coolers

Tilton Pedal Assemblies. Top notch!

Kaaz came from Japan to visit PRI. I felt very blessed to meet these passionate enthusiasts. I can't wait to visit their facility in Japan.

For anyone who wears clothing that reads 'coilovers are for poor people' clearly haven't shopped brands like Penske.

Bell Helmets showcasing their SA2015 lineup.

AP Racing brought their BBKs, J-hook rotors, and their updated brake fluid line up. But I was most impressed by their adjustable pedal assembly. It is cable driven enabling a quick change in position during driver changes. I saw this setup in the BRZ GT300 a few years ago, and have drooled over it ever since, but now I am in love and must have one.

Ohlins coilovers. Top teir comfort and performance.

Supertech Valvetrain is what they're known for, and what I have in my S2000. However, their rotating assembly products are actually very high quality.

The new Alpinestars 2018 lineup is flashy, stylish, and sleek. I really need to update my driving attire, the suede shoes I have are way outdated.

New nickel finish from Stoptech Brakes.

AIM Sports displays were awesome as always. I will absolutely throw the MXS display in the race car soon! It reacts so quickly and readouts are pinpoint accurate.

Garrett GTX Turbochargers on display. Gorgeous and quick spooling!

Unlike SEMA there are very few display cars in the hallways. PRI focuses on the products and relationships. I like it, but I did miss seeing products in use alongside seeing the next year's products.

In the end, PRI is absolutely worth going to at least once!