As a huge NEXON fan since the late 90s, I am extremely excited to see another MMO come out of the Korean 2.5D kings (imo.) I have been watching a few beta streamers play this and am super stoked to play this now that it is released. I will stream a little bit of it on twitch as well as do some simple game reviews once I get the hang of the new layout.

The game is F2P (Free to Play) just like its predecessor, but has moved to a 3D format finally. Something the fan based begged for. It is always funny to see people willingly play a 2D game, and then beg for it to be changed. I think it is due to the amount of fun and addiction that games like MapleStory produce, people can’t help it but want more and more.

I played MapleStory in high school mid 00s and loved it, but as fun and cute as it was, the community just wasn’t there enough for me. The game was just too much grind and not enough mingling. Hopefully they have addressed this or possibly me being an adult now will help!

I look forward to playing with everyone who jumps in. Join me on North America East server. My name is Thenit!