After the first day of Gridlife South 2017, the BingeTokyo & Shocker Joe crew went to a late night Korean BBQ joint called, Iron Age. They are a chain in the ATL area that Ando had been to and highly recommended. So around midnight that night we walk in and the place is packed. People are drinking and laughing and it continues to get busier as the night goes on. I've never seen a restaurant get busier after midnight.


  • You're seated a long table for 10.
  • You are introduced to the grill and how to use it. Sides and dips are brought to the table.
  • Your meal is DIY, meaning you cook all the meat yourself. AND ITS ALL YOU CAN EAT!
  • So once you clear the grill, you can order another round of one of the 30+ meats available.
  • Eat until your arteries and/or stomach burst!

If you're ever in the area of an Iron Age location, we DEFINITELY recommend going and enjoying some of the best KBBQ we've tried.

Group Favorite: Spicy Pork Bulgogi w/ white rice

This restaurant is also Vegan friendly. We had 2 vegans in our party and they were in heaven as well!

  • Photos: Ando
  • Text: Drew