Honkai Impact 3rd launched in Japan / Asia last year and quickly broke 35 million downloads, so naturally the US market screamed for the game to release in western regions.

The game is barely 20 days post-release and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times already. 

miHoYo (the creator) boasted that this game brings console level graphics and gameplay to the small touchscreen. They didn't lie though, the game has smooth touch controls and very crisp graphics. Gamers receive a beautiful game all while delivering high speed combat.

The style and graphics of this game remind me of an arcade action game, using bright colors and flashy effects.

miHoYo didn't skimp on the voice acting either, bring in heavy hitters such as Rie Kugimiya (Fullmetal Alchemist, Gintama), Miyuki Sawashiro (Hunter X Hunter, Fate/Apocrypha, Durarara!!), Kan Asumi (Nisekoi, Hidamari Sketch) and Rie Tanaka (Fruits Basket, Bakemonogatari).

How to play.

Honkai Impact 3rd is summed up best as a anime brawler with decent RPG-style story progression. The main characters, members of an elite Valkyrie unit, are thrown into short bite-sized missions to eliminate enemies called Honkai and move through the story.

Beating each mission rewards you and your valkyries experience, numerous stat upgrades, gear, and equipment.

Most attacks are reached through simple taps, holds, or combinations of the two. Weapon skills are learned early on and strengthened as you level up and unlock subskills and passive abilities.

Something that really separates this game from other mobile games, is your ability to dodge. Located right next to the attack button, is a dodge button. When timed correctly, you activate Time Fracture and basically you enter a 'slo-mo' world allowing you a few seconds to unleash havoc upon the baddies.

Unique ultimate attacks and multiplayer-style leadership buffs give each valkyrie a benefit and flavor of their own. Some characters are melee based (fast and slow), some are ranged, and a few are combination characters.

I have deeply enjoyed progressing through this game, the story could be better but the action and gameplay will keep me thumbing away for a while. There are tons of characters that are well thought out, plenty of gear and equipment, and skill trees that make sense and are fun to watch expand.

The next article on Honkai Impact 3rd will go more in depth on the characters, customization, and various events / side content.