Global Time Attack - Road Atlanta 2019

We went down to Road Atlanta for Global Time Attack / Formula Drift this past weekend. The S2000 felt great, and the group of drivers this year were awesome. It was a struggle to find time, but after talking with some friends I was able to start shaving time again. I got down to 1:41.8, but this car has a 1:36 in it all day with the right driver.

Heavy hitters like Johnny H, Sally M, Tomo Racing, Jackie Ding and more all came to test themselves and their cars in a true time attack battle. With a high chance of rain all weekend everyone pushed hard every dry session. With the greatest of luck, there was zero rain on GTA sessions and we got 100% dry sessions.

Really happy with my new PB, but I want a sub 1:40 in August at Gridlife South. Super proud of all the drivers for having a pretty incident free weekend all while smashing records.

Photos by Chris Sullivan @CRSFOTO