So I've been playing this Pokemon 'fan game' by a Chinese company. It is pretty fun and worth a few hours of play.

Battles are fast paced, and legendary Pokemon are very easy to acquire. (Mew is awarded after 7 days of log in.)

Every Pokemon from every generation is available for play.

My favorite part of this game is simple. You can have any Pokemon you own follow you around. Pokemon Yellow was my favorite obviously.

The first major flaw of this game is the cluster f**k that is the UI. This is an absolute mess to look at, but once you know how to navigate it, it isn't tooooo bad.

You can search the Pokedex for Pokemon you want to acquire.

The evolution system is pretty standard. The Evolve tab shows you what level, friendship, and items you need to evolve. (Some Pokemon have multiple choices, such as Charizard X or Y.)

You can train your pokemon by sacrificing your duplicate pokemon. This raises your monster's fusion level greatly increasing its Power level.

Each Pokemon can have 1 item equipped to it. Each item benefits a specific element type(s).

Just like in the real games, each Pokemon has 4 main skills. But you also get a finishing move. These skills can only be raised to the level your pokemon is. (Moves are unlocked as your pokemon reaches higher friendship levels.)

Friendship is raised using items awarded from beating missions or bought from the store. Friendship level unlocks skills, increases Power level, and allows evolutions.

Attributes are very much similar to the real games. However you can shuffle each pokemon's abilities using a special item. Allowing you to fine tune what they're good at.

You can buy items from multiple different stores that can hasten your evolution and friendship level.

After a very short time, you get a much needed Mount to speed up travel times. Movement up until this point is very slow.

You can sort through your pokemon to pick your team of 3.

The PVP is pretty fun, but automated. Battle tower is a 'fight opponents till all of your pokemon are dead'.

Monster League works the same way, but in a Indigo League fashion.

Head-on Battles are just that, 1 v 1.

Deeper look at the Head-On Battle.

Deeper look at the Head-On Battle.

Lair Hunts are you and your friends vs a big boss.

Explorers allows you to send off pokemon to find items.

Monster Myst is where you can catch new pokemon.

Collect Crystals is your place to fight a crystal rock that gives you items.