D.Va Nerf Gun

Coming in 2019, Nerf and Blizzard are releasing D.Va's light gun in Nerf form. A throwback to many of our childhoods as well as granting us the right to scream 'Nerf this!' in public thenceforth. 

This gun was announced about a month after Reaper's 'die die die' Hellfire shotgun was brought to us, so we should definitely expect to see this trend continue. I'm imagining people throwing Zenyatta balls at each other already.

I am really hoping for a full size Widowmaker sniper rifle that shoots nerf rounds as well as maybe Soldier:76's weapon giving us a bit of a rewind to the days of nerf rocket launchers/rifles.

In other overwatch news, Atlanta is getting its own Overwatch team and I think it will be awesome if such a close city to us can pull off selling out a venue like the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for an international Overwatch League tournament. They made history with the Olympics, I think they can do it with E-sports as well.