I am super stoked for the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie coming to us in December. I am curious if this will be canon, finally making the legendary saiyan villain a true part of the DB universe.

I do think this will be a poorly written, very plotless movie (a mimic of all the other Broly movies.) But I am very excited to see if Goku does indeed master the ability to call forth Ultra Instinct on cue or not more than anything.

Some theories/questions I have:

  • Will Broly know Ultra Instinct?
  • Will Broly have some variety of Legendary Super Saiyan, making Kefla obsolete?
  • Will Broly have LSS + UI?
  • Why is Freiza fighting Broly? (Fan service I guess.)
  • I really hope they draw the movie better than the trailer, because wow.

I might put together a local movie meet for a bunch of us DB geeks to go watch together. If you're interested, go comment below.

Trailer courtesy of IGN