Hey guys, we’ve wrapped up our first circuit day of 2019. We started off the year with 94 drivers, tons of seat time, and amazing weather. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you everyone who came out to drive or spectate or took part in the Southern Roots car show. Awesome turn out and I and super stoked to be part of such a great community.

Big Thanks to Chris Sullivan (@CRSFOTO) for coming down and photographing the event!

Friday tech started, and we got to see some cool cars and lay down a few private laps in my S2000. Kat brought her new 180sx, with some coilovers/wheels/tires and brakes this car will be ready to make its maiden voyage around NCM.

Saturday morning tech was a cold COLD 28F, but we made it through it to start a fun day! Thanks to Casey and Jody for helping out with tech!

The morning was brisk, but as the sun peaked over the horizon, the temps began to rise and the excitement began to build.

Pete couldn’t bring out his widebody M3, so he may or may not have rented an Aston Martin Vantage or what he likes to a call a 100 footer BRZ.

After a brief driver’s meeting going over the basic rules and what to expect from the weekend, we wrapped up tech and started the day with an Advanced session.

After a few early mishaps pertaining to oil spills & tire walls, we had a smooth day!

After a quick lunch break we had one last cycle of sessions. The Martini Porsche was an absolute blast to listen and watch.

We put together a closed session after the open track session to get some promo shots. Thanks NCM for the hospitality.

We made a visit to our normal Japanese spot, Yuki, for drinks, katsudon, and sushi and called it a night

Sunday was a much quieter day, with 40 less cars on the track, open/fast laps were easy to come by.

Thank you all for coming, supporting, and believing in BingeTokyo.

See you June 22-23 at NCM Motorsports for BingeTokyo Circuit Battle 3!!!