BingeTokyo Circuit Battle 3 Coverage

We had an awesome time at NCM Motorsports Park for our 3rd BingeTokyo Circuit Battle.

We had a large amount of rain on Saturday, leading to wet race and HPDE sessions, but with minimal incidents, we made it through and had a dry afternoon.



  1. Aaron Leichty (V8 Miata) - 2:06.090

  2. Pervez Randelia (GT3) - 2:07.349

  3. Eric Yow (Corvette) - 2:08.756


  1. Jason Guzman (GTR) - 2:16.192

  2. Mike Osborn (GTR) - 2:19.563

  3. Drew Turner (S2000) - 2:22.246

After a long day of wet and then hot/greasy laps, we all went to Yuki for a Japanese dinner and rested for the next day.

Sunday started wet with some standing water, but dried quickly and with low traffic we were able to have tons of open HPDE track time.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support. There are new stickers from this event in our store, so grab one and be a part of this event forever.

If you are interested in driving with us one last time in 2019, sign up for our November HPDE at NCM Motorsports Park.

Photos by: Harry Dang

Turn 1

Turn 21 (SinkHole)