I never thought I'd be on this side of such a fun event. I never thought I'd be able to bring so many amazing people together for a simple yet fun day at the track.

My dream when starting BingeTokyo was to push people in the Nashville area to get back to their roots and DRIVE their cars. After spending the year studying other events and building our brand, I reached out to NCM Motorsports Park about hosting our very first BingeTokyo event. NCM in Bowling Green, KY provided us with the perfect location to let new and experienced drivers hit the track in a somewhat controlled fashion.

We then reached out to our friends at Zestino Tires, Stance Suspension, and GLOC Brakes to help provide products and discounts to our drivers. (We have a few more brands jumping on board next season.) NCM is a super technical track, so having the right tires, brakes and alignment is crucial.

The day of....

Saturday started out at 28F, the coldest morning of the 2017 winter at the time. That definitely cast fear into our souls, worried that tires wouldn't ever reach operating temps. But the forecast showed 60F by noon and we crossed our fingers. Tires definitely reached temps and the lap times were pretty impressive!

Everyone came in for tech and then retreated to the heat of the driver's classroom. Where we went over the basics with our novices and thanked all of our drivers/workers for their support. We couldn't have had such a great day without everyone involved.

The day was rather uneventful, in a good way. No major wrecks or spills, just a smooth day with over 4 hours of seat time.

We started the day off with Novice class driving under lead-follow rules, letting them feel what it is like to be on a road course.

By the end of the day Advanced class was 100% open passing and Novice class was point by passing.

At 3pm, we opened the track up to all drivers (back to point by passing only), letting the novice guys get a taste of what it's like to have a 600+hp GTR blow your doors off.


The cars that showed up really left me tickled. Our first event consisted of R35 GTRs, BMW M2, Corvettes, K20 Civics/Integras, Supercharged S2000s, Show worthy subarus, and much much more. I couldn't be happier with the diversity of cars. The drivers were of a even wider mix. We had drivers that up until we announced the event had never even considered tracking and we had guys with up to 25 years exp.

We gave all of our drivers an exclusive tech sticker based off of Capsule Corp. (Yea we're nerdy like that.)

We want to give a HUGE thank you to all of the drivers, spectators, workers, and supporters who helped us make this happen.

Thanks to our sponsors, Zestino Racing, Stance Suspension, GLOC Brakes. Also to NCM Motorsports Park for the amazing venue and support!

We will be back at NCM in 2018 TWICE!!!

March 17th and November 3rd 2018! Keep an eye on our blog, IG, and FB!