BAPE is about to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary and has teamed up with Formula 1 to create a masterpiece of a chassis wrapped in the iconic Bathing Ape camo pattern.

“For 25 years A BATHING APE® has worked with various companies beyond the genre of apparel and has achieved numerous accomplishments. And the momentum of BAPE® will not stop, further accelerating the engine. Having infinite possibilities BAPE® has selected a symbol of motorsport "F1 (Formula 1 ™)" as a further partner. This is a resonance from the fact that "APE (anthropoid)" which was also incorporated in the brand name of A BATHING APE® and engineers who work on Formula 1 ™ machines have a spirit of pursuing advanced technology and quality. Located at the pole position of BAPE® x F1 ™, the world's largest racing show, BAPE® cuts the wind at a high speed of 200 MPH and opens a new legend now. 28.09.18. Ready, set, go ...”

I am very curious to see what clothing comes out of this partnership. Will BAPE make driving equipment? Camo race suits? Count me in, but as with all things Bathing Ape, we’ll need to donate an arm AND a leg to afford it.

What would you want BAPE x Formula one to develop for the everyday person?

What do you think about this project? Comment below and tell me your opinion!