Anime Impulse 2019 Recap

I flew out to Los Angeles to check out Anime Impulse and setup our first ever anime convention exhibitor booth. I had an absolute blast meeting everyone out there. From the vendors, the cosplayers, to the food trucks, everyone was so nice and the atmosphere was great. I will absolutely go back next year. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and hung out! It really was an amazing experience.

Anime Impulse show featured tons of vendors, some with original work others selling collectibles. The food was absolutely great, featuring tons of different boba spots, yakitori, takoyaki, snacks, matcha, noodles, kobe beef and much more.

The cosplayers I saw ranged from super simple school uniforms to complete Gundam suits. The time it took for some of these costumes to be built and then equipped is to be respected. I took pictures and video of the ones I ran across that I loved, but was mostly manning the booth all weekend.

This was the first show I’ve been to that had an Itasha section, and it was cool to see a similar yet drastically separate style from my own S2000.

I was able to walk the show on Sunday morning and grabbed a few random shirts, a snorlax plush, and a Ghibli poster from Paschual Productions. Then I tried a matcha pop waffle and my world will never be the same again afterwards. The booth filled it with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, 2 chocolate straws, and whipped cream. It was warm, cold, salty, and sweet all at the same time. It was a magical dessert.