Throughout the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 anime seasons, Ancient Magus Bride has been simulcasting. Each week we see a new adventure of a young troubled mage, Chise, and her not-so-human teacher/lover, Elias.

I really do not want to spoil anything from this show, you just need to head over to your favorite anime website and binge watch.

There are 3 OVAs that take place mid season 1 chronologically, that give you a quick look at how/why Chise ended up where she is.

Chise is a depressed, scared young girl who is purchased by Elias, a very old mage that is not fairy or human. He is something in between, that to date we still have yet to uncover. We do know that Elias is a very capable mage that is quite knowledgeable in the ways of the world. He has many enemies, and very few 'acquaintances'.

The romance between Chise and Elias develops slowly, strangely, but is extremely captivating.