It’s been a few months since our introduction to “The Alchemist Code” (TAC)and the team at GUMI has been extremely busy. Since our first feature, “The Alchemist Code” has gone through it’s 5 Million Downloads Celebration, a Version 2.0 update, multiple collaborations, game enhancements, new original characters, and more character job types. GUMI has kept up with the disparaging differences between beginning and veteran players by introducing beginner events that help get the new players up to speed quicker. 

Written by Dan Roberts.

“The Alchemist Code” is like many typical Free to Play (F2P) JRPG strategy games; it uses a Gatcha system, has a meager Story, rewards paying players, and has a ranked Arena style competitive system.What sets“The Alchemist Code” has a very rewarding Gatcha system and has made many enhancements to make the game easier for new players to get up to speed with the game through easy to obtain Gems (Monetary system), new Beginners Tutorials, and a multitude of “Freebies” that reward newer players with Rare Units (Characters) for completing easy challenges. Top this off with a constantly growing cast of characters, a decent supporting storyline, plenty of weekly and monthly events ,and you have yourself a game that sets itself apart from the pack of JRPGs ; in a good way.

Recently GUMI celebrated it’s 5 Million Downloads Celebration and Version 2.0 (V2.0) update. The V2.0 update accomplished a lot, from updating Unit designs, map layouts, camera positions, and providing access to each Unit’s voices and catchphrases (albeit in Japanese). The primary goal of the V2.0 update however was to bring the Global Version of “The Alchemist Code” more in line with the original Japanese release and to reorder many of the Jobs stats and roles. Close combat units were given medium to large HP increases, and the decrease of Magic casting times were the largest of these changes. The overall play style has the same “feel”, but allows you to enjoy characters the way they were intended instead of having to hide. The only noticeable downside has been a large decline in Sniper and Shooting classes. Many see it as more of a reordering due to lack of HP in V1.0 as the class hasn’t been taken out as much as it has been limited. Bugs have been noticeably few, and GUMI has always been great at providing the players extremely adequate compensation (in-game) when bugs do occur.

This leads us to the big cash draw for “The Alchemist Code”; limited run Collaborations. As most fans of any JRPG can attest, they enjoy Anime to various extents and love it when they can get a special “Skin” or Anime character appearance. GUMI took this a step further with one of their biggest and most anticipated Collaborations a few months ago; a month long Fate/Stay Night event. In this, you had the chance to play through parts of the FS/N Unlimited Blade works story and had the opportunity to obtain Gilgamesh, Saber, Illyasviel, Rin Tohsaka, and a few Alchemist Code characters with F/SN classes; Rider, Berserker, and Lancer to name a few. The collaboration was a huge success and extremely fun to take part in while it lasted. Fortunately it doesn’t stop there, GUMI is currently holding their Final Fantasy XV collaboration with Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, Gladiolous and Arania all available to obtain and play in game if you’re fortunate enough to obtain them in the “Summoning” GATCHA system. Each character has their own unique and limited Job Type and weapon from FFXV. This will end on August first so you’ll have to act fast. Fear not though, future collaborations will include “Full Metal Alchemist”, “Disgaea” and more set for future releases although exact dates haven’t been given out.

Earlier I mentioned new Alchemist Code original units and job types. Every month TAC releases new units in “Special Release Summons” where the Featured units have a higher rate of appearance and a discounted summoning cost. Occasionally they’ll even throw a new job type on a couple of the new Units to continue growing the overall scope of the game and make things more interesting. To break it down, each Unit (character) is ranked from 3-5 stars and has a total of 3 job types each with their own special abilities. Each job after the first is unlocked with Unit Shards that are obtained from duplicate Unit summons, or through universal shards (Fire, Wing, Rainbow etc…). From there each unit can be tailor made with each job type to compliment the units strengths giving you countless options to run each in the best possible way. Obviously some units are far superior to others, but in the overall scope most can be used to complete the Story, Events, and many Multiplayer games. It’s only when you get the “Special Event” Hard and EX Levels that the top tier units are truly necessary to complete the stages “Missions” for prizes. Sometimes this is the only way to unlock special gear, obtain universal Unit Shards, or to unlock special character classes, but as with many difficult things in life competing them is extremely rewarding.

Whenever you start an MMORPG or any other competitive online game, the difference between a beginning player and a veteran is always a bit disparaging. Recognizing this, GUMI released a number of Events geared towards new players, along with one time missions that help get beginners up to speed with the games mechanics. Not only this, but completing these missions also gives you; free gems, zen (money) and even Rare Character Tickets that give you a free chance to grab that rare Character to add to your team. Although you are still left with a finite number of items to level up your characters and gear, the amount given out daily has improved and each monthly even also includes daily and weekly “freebies” to help keep up with the multiple characters youll need to compete in the Arena (PvP) or to complete the Hard missions.

“The Alchemist Code” has continued to keep up with player demands as well as rewarding those who play the game for free, or that chose to pay. It is this one factor that I believe is what has made the game so successful and fun to play. Through the constant stream of updates, new content, special Collaborations with major developers, and making the game accessible to  new players the team at GUMI has done an amazing job. Want to know more? Download it today and see for yourself; just remember to play responsibly!