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​​​​​​​ one year anniversary is Friday and we're going to be hooking you guys up big time!

Store opens 9/13 (thurs) at 9pm CST.

All stickers will be $3. ALL ORDERS RECEIVE A FREE STICKER until 9/15 at 9pm CST.

**STICKER GIVEAWAY** Go to our instagram and comment on our last post for a chance to win EVERY sticker we make (72 designs) or a $50 gift card. Winners announced 7/16.

We are releasing 2 new overwatch designs as well as a YEAR ONE limited edition sticker available for 2 days only.

If you are in TN, feel free to come by Top cold grill ice cream & tea for our 1yr car meet Friday at 830-1030pm.

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Thank you everyone who came out and drove and/or supported our 6/23/2018 BingeTokyo Circuit Day event. We had a great turnout with 80 drivers. We had an absolute blast running the NCM Motorsports Park west configuration, enjoying a wide variety of fast cars and perfect weather.

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Wekfest Chicago 2018 was held at Navy Pier right on the lake. This venue was the very clean and we are happy to hear that Wekfest is making this their home in Chicago. It was easy to get in and out of and there was plenty to do which I believe resulted in a huge turnout in not only great builds but spectators. We will definitely be back next year. 

The only complaint about the venue I have is the lack of power outlets. They wanted to charge us $500+ to have an electrician come plug in a converter so we could charge our iPads and such. (No thanks, we took shifts running all the way upstairs to charge devices as needed.)

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A second look at our Circuit Day on 3/17/2018 at NCM Motorsports Park. We had a turn out of 116 drivers and over 1000 spectators. We are super stoked to have everyone out enjoying cars together! We will continue to host these events! Nov 3-4 will be here soon with a high possibility of a June 2018 event.

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Earlier this month, I made the trek up to Indianapolis to attend PRI for the first time. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. PRI has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Pushing themselves as the event to go to if you're trying to get things done, not just party.

It was extremely cold and snowing most of the weekend. Indy is full of race shops and composite companies, with streets packed with nothing but automotive businesses. Downtown was pretty neat, with many of the buildings being attached by indoor bridges.

I left at 4 AM to make it to Indy in time for the doors to open. I was met by a sea of spectators and booths. Ranging from titanium manufacturing to pistons and racing gear to Cleaning supplies. Below are some highlights from my walk around the event.

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