So I've been looking through the App Store trying to find good games to tell you guys about and I finally found one. Endless Frontier.

Like Tap Titans 2, this game revolves around stages that are cleared very quickly, but this one does not require you to frantically attack your iPhone's screen to beat things.


  • Run Quests to earn gold.
  • Invest gold in specific quests to get more gold each interval. (Some quests take 1 second, others take 30mins or more.)
  • Spend gold to level up your units. (Making their attacks and HP go up.)
  • Beat dungeons to earn items that can be turned in for Artifacts. Artifacts buff various stats.
  • Revive at any point after level 50 to earn medals. Medals are used to enhance your units or to buy units. Enhancing is by far the most effective way to buff your units and blow through levels.
  • If your units are killed, they return after a certain amount of time.
  • Your goal each level is to kill the enemy's crystal. However, if your crystal is killed first, you are sent back a level. When you are constantly being pushed back a level, revive & upgrade.


Units are divided in multiple ways. Race, Attack, and ground/flying.

Races include Human, Elf, Orc, Undead. (Orc > Human > Elf > Undead > Orc)

Attack type can be Magical or Physical. Mobs often are immune to one or the other, making it vital to have a good mix in your party.

Units can also be flying type or ground (some are mix.) If you only have ground type and are against flying, they will fly straight past you and most likely send you back a level.


Dungeons are used to earn materials and these materials are turned in return for artifacts. Artifacts buff any number of stats and can be leveled up to 20 (or higher if you choose to spend honor points, but I wouldn't do this until later.) Artifacts, like units, are ranked from 1-6 stars. As you collect higher ranked artifacts, you can sell your less effective ones for materials.


Under the battle tab, you have the option to compete in the Battle Arena, where you face off against other player's units. Battle Arena is held every 4 days and is divided into 4 leagues, C-B-A-S. The top 50% each day are bumped up to the next level. Gems/honor tokens are rewarded based off of where you rank at the end each day.

You can also test yourself in the Tower of Trial. In this, you choose your units to attack a random generated team of mobs (you are generally limited to entering only a handful of units ,so you must choose carefully). I find this to be the most difficult task in the game.


After you revive past level 400, you can start using pets. Pets enhance medals earned, attack bonus, and pretty much any stat you can think of. They can be paired with evolved units (done with gems.)


I haven't found a good guild yet, most want you to be past Knight Level 45.


Every 100 levels, you earn a Knight Level after reviving. So at L100, you'll gain KL2, and L1000, you'll gain KL11. You randomly revive as a new race of hero, this buffs the correlating race pretty significantly until you revive again.


As always, you can spend real money to speed up the process, but really?  You can get everything you need by just investing a little time, gems are rewarded every day for logging in, and add up quickly Honor points are a great way to earn great artifacts and units.

Make sure you purchase the Time Shop as soon as possible, so you can repurchase units and artifacts that you sell.

You can also speed the game play up and earn gold by watching advertisements in the 'Shop > Item' section.