Meet Michael Dailey. @AWSM_S2K on Instagram. We met up with him at the Deft Motion S2000 Meet and fell in love with his new widebody kit from ASM and his Porsche color change. The car used to black and was plenty sexy, but it is on a whole new level now. So we sent Chris to investigate and take a few pictures.

Michael's car is built to take on the track, but look sexy doing it. Hailing from Bowling Green, KY he has NCM right in his backyard (almost literally.) Custom valved Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers are a great starter coilover for the S2000 and when paired with a set of RT615K from Falken, he's going to have a blast in the carousel turns. Michael is mid build, and we're excited to see where he takes it. Maybe a wing? Supercharger? If he hits the track like he says he is going to, my money is on a set of racing bucket seats and harnesses. Being planted in the cockpit is the best investment in safety and car control anyone can make.

Let's ask Michael some questions!

How’d you get into cars?

  • I’ve always been interested in cars as far back as I can remember. My Grandpa and I would go to a lot of car shows in his blue Chevelle. He is into classics. But I would say from the day I got my driver’s license and on, I knew cars were going to be a huge passion of mine. My first car was a ’97 Acura Integra LS with the 5-speed manual. I still remember the VERY first place I drove it to was an Autozone to look for parts to upgrade it with. I laugh at that looking back.. lol

F&F or Top Gear?

  • The OG F&F movies

Favorite 90’s Car?

  • NSX

Favorite Anime?

  • Initial D

How many cars have you owned, and what were they?


  • 1997 Acura Integra LS
  • 2007 Hyundai Tiburon
  • 1992 Honda Prelude Si
  • 2003 Honda S2000

Favorite wheels?

  • Volk ZE40

Future plans for your car?

  • I’m planning on taking it to NCM motorsports park for a few track days and the tail of the dragon this fall. I’ve always dreamed of having a boosted s2000, so maybe F/I down the road. 

Boobs or butts?

  • Butts :p

Blondes or Brunettes?

  • Blondes



  • Rays Gramlights 57DR F: 17x9+38R: 17x9+22
  • Falken Azenis RT615K 255/40/17
  • Fortune Auto 500 coilovers
  • Cusco front strut tower bar
  • Beatrush rear performance brace


  • Hawk HP+ pads
  • Stoptech SS lines
  • Stoptech slotted rotors


  • T1R 70R-EM exhaust
  • T1R resonated testpipe


  • MOMO MOD78 suede steering wheel
  • Blox black chrome shift knob
  • Deft Motion black burlap shift boot


  • ASM I.S. Design Widebody
  • Porsche Sapphire Blue Metallic Paint
  • Tamon spoiler
  • Forbidden USA carbon fiber hardtop
  • Clear diffuser AP1 headlights
  • AP2 taillight conversion
  • RX7 side diffusers

Photos by: Chris Neranjan @Renesiskiller

Words by: Drew Turner @_d.r_e.w_