This week, we're hitting Dragonball Super EP102-103, My Hero Academia EP31-32, Restaurant to Another world EP5-7. I really am beginning to like all 3 of these shows more and more.


Dragon Ball Super EP102-103

Goku and Android 17 continue to fight the transformation love nerds, who end up escaping. Gohan and Piccolo take on the last 2 warriors from Universe 10, and defeat them pretty easily. Gohan finally got a little spotlight, and seems pretty ruthless & determined. He defeats the final member of U10 causing their erasure, and is definitely conflicted, but knows it him or them. Piccolo is as smart as ever. I really am a fanboy for Android 17 all over again, he's such a sarcastic character, and seems to be extremely strategic & fast thinking.



EP31 goes through the aftermath of Stain being captured. The league of villians is about to have an influx of members influenced by Stain's ideals. I'm not sure if this was an intentional side effect of the nomu attack or not, but the pot is being stirred in an exciting way. Uraraka and Midoriya are getting pretty cute as well. Iida gets bad news about his injuries, and Todoroki goes back to Endeavor's company to learn more. This show just gets better and better!

Oh wait... EP32 is about Froppy.


Restaurant to Another World EP5-7

EP5 covers the story of the lionman you see in the opening scene of EP1. He is a gladiator who finds his way into a door before his first match. The meal he gets gives him the motivation to become the greatest champion in his kingdom for 20+ years. He loves Pork Cutlet (Katsudon). EP5 also covers a half elf sorceress that was born from 2 humans. She winds up researching an alchemy version of a refrigerator to keep her Pudding a la mode cold. This episode was really fun. It was the first time you see real action, and also you see how our basic conveniences such as chilling food is taken for granted. 

EP6 all of the clients get into the normal argument on who's favorite food is the best, but this time, its their favorite foods in sandwich forms. Everyone trades meals and we're left wondering the results. Master teaches Aletta how to steam potatoes, the food that was merely a means to her survival in the past.

EP7 was the most interesting episode yet. We meet another of the dragons, Black, the bringer of death. She has exiled herself to the moon to keep from accidentally killing other beings, and finds a door suddenly. Red, the dragon from EP1 arrives and sets Black up with a job under Master to pay for her new favorite meal, Chicken Curry. I hope this is an entry way to not only more comedy, but an even deeper look at the other world.

I am growing to love this show, and that say a lot because generally I think food animes are dumb.

I'm going to catch up on GAMERS! and Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU tomorrow and throw those in next week's.