Woooooo! Import Alliance finally made it's way back to Nashville. About damn time, right?

The venue was indoors for the first time ever, relieving everyone with much needed A/C. July is brutal in TN/KY and not dripping sweat all day made the weekend 1000x more enjoyable.

We arrived at the meet early both days to set up inside showcase. They packed in a few too many cars making it very difficult to maneuver around traffic and even harder to get good pictures of the cars.

I am unsure of the number of attendees, but based on the number of cars and heads I saw, i'd say the only Import Alliance that is larger at this point is Atlanta.

It was nice to see people from the Midwest, Northeast, Texas, and Southeast make the trek to Nashville for this homecoming. We hung out at a lakehouse nearby with friends from all over afterwards each day. Seeing people you don't get to see on the regular is the main reason I enjoy Import Alliance. You get to catch up, see and drive friend's cars, and check out all the new toys people have acquired.

I'm excited to see Nashville growing, let's do what we can to bring quality and fun back to the Nashville car scene! We are planning to host a few events before the end of the year, so keep an eye on our Instagram & Facebook pages.

That's all I have for you, enjoy the photos and check out our store for exclusive stickers.

Photos: Ando @afk.ando

Writing: Drew @_d.r_e.w_

Ando's GE8 on TE37

Ando's GE8 on TE37

Jared's voltex equipped & supercharged S2000