The Summer 2017 anime season has started! We're going to tell you about the new shows we're most excited about and we'll continue covering the shows such as Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia.

Restaurant to Another World

I'm curious but not holding my breathe on this simple idea. A restaurant has a door that acts as a gateway to an alternate world. Beings come in and out, some with mystical powers and others that seem relatively basic humanoids.

The main character seems to be the restaurant owner/chef and he meets a young demon girl who wandered in, but she seems to be under a spell from the owner's biggest client. This client is one of six great dragons in the other world. I guess we'll find out what all this means as the season progresses.


This show is about a bumbling idiot of a girl. She loves bananas and needs her hand held in every aspect of life. Pretty simple show, not a bad 30min time killer.

Tsuredure Children

Typical Slice of life / Romcom anime. Pretty silly jokes, but seems very recycled. We'll see how it goes, I don't see myself finishing this season.


This is the show I am personally most excited about this season.

We see a time paradox, with invading enemies from the future and a mage who summons people from swords to fight with him. (very Soul Eater right?)

The characters all have unique styles and attitudes.

The show has comedy, darkness, and good fighting. The animation is on point though, and is by far my favorite aspect of the show.

Dragon Ball Super EP97

The tournament of power has FINALLY begun. And in this first episode nothing happens. Everyone from universe 7 splits up as you'd expect, with Frieza wanting to kill people.

Goku is really getting on my nerves, he has always been goofy but he drops his guard way too often and the cycle of him having close calls over dumb things is old. I wish he was a little more serious like he was in the Cell Saga.

We are left at the end of the episode with Goku surrounded by enemies, who I'm sure he'll handle with the help of a reluctant Vegeta.

My Hero Academia was off this past weekend, but will be back July 8th.