This week we're covering Dragonball Super EP101, My Hero Academia EP30, Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU EP 5, and Restaurant to another world EP 4. All of these episodes were fun and you can watch them all on Crunchyroll or Kissanime.


The episode starts with Goku challenging Jiren, but Toppo butts in and escapes with Jiren. Goku is confronted by 5 other justice dorks from universe 11. These are my least favorite type of dragonball 'villain'. They remind me of the genyu force from the original Freiza saga. 

The dialogue in this episode is extremely cheesy, but it was fun to watch.

Kale and Caulifla take on 4 warriors from U11 and Kale learns how to control her Broly form.

Android 17 and 18 really show how slippery and cool they are. It really brought back memories from DBZ.


In EP30, Iida manages to get himself off the ground and be a man. Him and Midoriya combo attack Hero Killer Stain and knock him out.

We finally get to see Endeavor fight seriously and boyyyyyy he is cool and quick thinking. When one of the nomu is learned to have regeneration abilities, he burns his brain so hot that the cells carbonize leaving him unable to heal.

All of the pros from this arc meet outside the alley that Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida are at to find them having already defeated Stain. But suddenly the airborne nomu arrives and picks up Midoriya. Stain wakes up and finds the blood of the Nomu on a hero's cheek stunning it and instantly kills it. Stain is outrageously fast and I think was just flustered by the sheer number of enemies. After killing the Nomu he turns to address the crowd of heroes facing him. His sheer bloodthurst and unwillingness to go down to anyone but All Might stuns the heroes, even endeavor.

Stain passes out standing up due to a rib piercing his lung.


We follow a lizardman who comes each day of Satur to collect omelettes for his people and an elf woman who is thoroughly taken aback by a Human being able to cook better than her people and leaves determined to make a dish better than the Tofu Steak she was served.

This show is silly, but somehow captivating to watch. They give each character great backstory and depth.


This is the darkest episode of the series thus far. Tonbokiri finishes the fight with the Ootachi and the rest of the team takes over the ship after dispatching the TRA. The team comes to realize they stopped one possible way the TRA could interrupt the meeting, but there is another. Burn the city of Edo to the ground. As this realization is made, they see yet another ship full of TRA monsters. During the fight with the Ootachi, it signals the ship to open fire cannons on the city, burning a large portion of it. Tonbokiri sacrifices himself to kill the Ootachi immediately afterwards.

The rest of the team block the ship from continuing its rampage on the city and board it to clear the enemies, but during the fight Izuminokami is stabbed and taken off the ship. Mutsunokami jumps in to save him and the entire team is summoned back to the citadel to see the master. The episode leaves us with some seriously dark and depressing music.

I believe Tonbokiri is gone, but the rest of the team should survive. We shall see.