This week, we're talking about DBS Episode: 100, My Hero Academia EP29, and Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU EP4.


Dragon Ball Super EP100

Krillin's been knocked out, Vegeta is fighting Universe 6 and being pushed back, Hiit is knocking out competitors with ease. Vegeta becomes seperated from Botamo and Megetta but is instantly confronted by Cabba wanting to knock him off.

Caulifla and Kale find Son Goku and proceed to attack. Caulifla wants to learn SSB, but Goku thinks she isn't ready, however she learns how to master SS2 in an instant surprising Goku and coaxing him into a drawn out battle. Kale gets angry and transforms into her Broly-like form and easily handles Goku. Kale goes out of control, knocking people out and destroying the stage. Jiren from Universe 11 flies over to Kale as she is about to hit Caulifla and dispatches her in 1 short movement.

As Hiit and Jiren are prepared to battle, Goku shows up. Hiit tells Caulifla to retreat with him. Hiit is a very strategic character and him retreating from Jiren is a sure sign that Jiren is a serious bad ass. I am curious how Goku is going to stand a chance in hell against him, even with Kaio Ken. I have a feeling he will have a new transformation. This transformation I believe is going to look like normal form Goku but be infinitely stronger, but we will have to see. We know we won't see that fight until the end of the arc.


My Hero Academia EP29

Gran Torino and Midoriya were on the way to fight crime, but while passing through Hosu city, they are attacked by Nomu. Nomu are the monsters with multiple quirks that the League of Villains has created somehow. With 3 on the loose, local heroes are in trouble.

Endeavor takes on the Nomu that Gran Torino is struggling with and I presume this Nomu will simply be roasted alive since the Nomu are deemed not as strong as the one that attacked USJ.

Ilda is taking on Stain in the meantime, and since Midoriya couldn't find him he tracks him down in the alleys. Midoriya saves Ilda at the last second and with the proper motivation seems to be able to control All for One at 5% perfectly. This 5% definitely won't be enough to defeat Stain however.

We finally figure out Stain's quirk. Bloodcurdle. By ingesting his enemy's blood, he can paralyze them for up to 8 minutes. The catch is that it is more or less effective dependent on which blood type the victim is.

Todoroki arrives to help Midoriya and I really have to say, Todoroki and MIdoriya are both becoming more bad ass quickly. Stain's speed is outrageous and still seems to overpower them both.

We finish the episode with flashbacks for both Ilda and Todoroki, showing their similarities and motivations.



So this show has become my favorite new show this season. It is a mix of time travel, history, samurai action, and comedy. But my absolute favorite part is the artwork and graphics.

This episode the team begins their first official mission as second unit. They are told to protect an important meeting from being ruined by the Time Retrograde Army.

The TRA sends in a new enemy called an Ootachi. A larger humanoid that is much stronger and faster than the usual enemies. This gives the unit a hard time, and they decide to just hold it off for long enough to let the meeting end. However, Konnosuke arrives with news that the ship near the meeting has been moved and TRA has arrived there.

The team splits and they find out the ship is being moved to target the meeting with cannons. Yagen is on the ship alone against a horde of enemies and right as he is being overpowered, a timespace distortion appears ensuring impending doom. I was sure this dude was going to die (based off the darkness of the show), but Sawira apparently sent in reinforcements in the form of an albino swordsman.