My Hero Academia is a fun show and can provide very good action and even get a little dark at times. I could easily see where this episode was going and who would most likely come out on top, but I will say it still left me at the edge of my seat waiting to see the verdict.

The fight between Izuku and Todoroki is i'd say the second best fight of the series thus far and Izuku's first real, long fight using his powers.

I honestly have to say though, I'm a little bored of the same good guy character in every story. I get the main character wants to help everyone, but I just feel the 'friendship' and 'everyone is doing their best' gig is overplayed and recycled. Naruto really killed that one for me personally. I hope Izuku grows to be a bit more of a badass down the road. The show has shown it's ability to be dark in season 1, so it might be a possibility.

Todoroki is already cool, and I'm curious to see where his loyalties end up now that he's used Endeavor's fire quirks.

I won't spoil the result of the battle. Watch on Crunchyroll.