This week we're covering the season finale of Eromanga & Akashic Records as well as EP26 of My Hero Academia and EP96 of Dragon Ball Super.

Akashic Records EP12

DAN: Sistine is about to get married to Leos but right as it's about to be all said and done, glenn chimes in to object and snatches her away from the wedding.

Sistine and Glenn are now faced with those that were infected with the angel dust and they engage in battle against them.

Leos turns out to be an old enemy Glenn fought against in his past. They succeeded on stopping him momentarily. They return back to the school where everything seems to be back to normal. For now anyways....

EroManga Sensei EP12

DAN: Sagiri invites Yamada elf and Muramasa Senpai over to their house where she has them playing a game of twister in bikinis. Tomoe stops over to deliver Masamune a novel that was made by a fan that contains characters from his and sagiris latest novel, but a pornography version. Sagiri gets very excited and decides that she wants to create her own lewd novel. Though after finishing it she lets masamune read it and he realizes that Sagiri doesn't know where a penis (or o-chinchin) belongs on a guys body. Muramasa ends up drawing it out for the gang showing the correct placement. The season just completed and I can't wait to see what else is in stored for the anime.  

My Hero Academia EP26

DREW: This week, the class decides on their hero or code names. Most of the class picks pretty generic names you'd expect. Others use their actual name, like Todoroki and Iida. Midoriya uses 'DEKU' because it means something important to him now.

Everyone decides what hero or agency they will intern under. Most choose random agencies, and Iida chooses the area that his brother was attacked in to chase down Stain.

Midoriya gets an offer from an unknown hero, All Might's old mentor. He knows about one for all so this should be interesting to watch him teach Midoriya how to control his quirk. 

I really hope the show gets darker during the Hero Killer storyline. 

Dragon Ball Super EP96

DREW: This week everyone shows up to the battle arena that the great priest finished. Before each team arrived, the Gods of Destruction have a sparring battle to test the strength of the stage.

Frieza plays mind games with the team and meets Frost (who he is definitely going to mentor and work with to mess with the battle.

When Universe 11 arrives Universe 7 freaks out at the energy level that their leader, Toppo, puts out. Of course that immediately is subsided and turns into Goku's excitement to fight.

I am extremely excited for this arc to finally start and see who's the real deal. The saiyans from Universe 6 along with Hiit are going to be strong in my opinion.