Starting this week, we'll be summarizing our favorite anime episodes each week. The shows may change or may not, it just depends on what is awesome that week.

This week we're going to go over what happened in Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, EroManga Sensei, Saekano, and finally Akashic Records.

EroManga Sensei Episode 11

Dan: I've gotta say that this episode was one of my favorites. I'm really enjoying how Sagiri and Izumi seem to be more open with each other now, compared to how they were earlier into the season. Izumi returns home after his short vacation on elf island with Yamada Sensei and Muramasa Sensei. Sagiri tries her best to greet him when he first enters the door, but gets nervous and runs back into her room as soon as the door opens (which I saw coming btw lol) . 

Izumi and Sagiri's release for their new novel "my cute little sister" was happening soon so Izumi invites Sagiri to go see it. Of course Sagiri never leaves the house so he takes her Via Video chat. On the way their they both go on and talk about their past lives before they became step brother and sisters. Izumi talks about the passing of his mother and Sagiri talks about her parents getting divorced. Which in the beginning of the season we pretty much knew nothing before hand other than Sagiri would now have to live with Izumi. Sagiri's mother is also a eromanga artist and you'll understand why sagiri acts the same when she draws lewd characters. The episode doesn't show much about Izumi's father but I think he's also some kind of writer as well. 

They also talk about their beginning stages and how they both got into their hobbies. What I liked most about this part of the episode was how we got to see that Izumi and Sagiri already had a really good relationship established together well before even knowing each other. The episode mainly focuses on their past lives, and with one more episode to go before the seasons over, I can't wait to see how this will finish. 

Saekano 2 Episode 10

Dan: Utaha and Eriri talk about the offer that Akane made to them about Field Chronicle. Eriri doesnt feel to be completely on board with it but Utaha tries to convince her to think it over again. She knows that taking up the offer would be going against Aki and it's not something she intends to do again. 

My Hero Academia Episode 25

Drew: So this week. the first year finals take place. Todoroki vs. Bakugo. Todoroki is conflicted after his fight with Midoriya and ends up letting Bakugo take the win. Bakugo is super annoyed and has to be stopped from pummeling Todoroki. I felt they should have made this more interesting of a fight, BUT they have really added a significant layer of depth to Todoroki, that I really enjoy seeing in an anime character. Bakugo doesn't want to accept his win due to there being no real competition. Todoroki reveals a little more of his past, and goes to meet his mother. 

Where will the show go from here, with the Hero Killer making an appearance in Ep. 25, I think the next arc is going to be a crowd pleaser for sure.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95

Drew: A ton happens this episode. Universe 9 plots an attack to take out Frieza as soon as he is risen from hell. Frieza easily dispatches them and Goku gets pissed that Frieza is killing people right out of the gate. The god of destruction from Universe 9 also gave an orb of destruction to a crony as a last resort against Frieza. This orb traps Frieza, but he escapes easily. (Does this mean he is stronger than that god of destruction?) Frieza contains this orb and uses it to trap Goku, who struggles and fails to escape, he does not use SSB though, so I don't think this makes him weaker than Frieza. Frieza then offers a deal to fight for universe 9, but Beerus and Whis show up and free Goku. Frieza is aware of Beerus's power to delete him and cuts communication with universe 9, but Frieza understands this is the perfect time to manipulate even the gods. Beerus grants Frieza and Goku permission to battle one on one to get out any hostility (like that'll actually work) and they prove to be evenly matched, but Beerus's face is priceless as he notices their strength. Beerus better start training or he's going to get passed real fast, if he hasn't been already.

The stage for the tournament of power is set! How will universe 7 do against the stronger ranked universes? What is your prediction. I personally don't think a single universe will be erased, but we shall see.

Akashic Records Episode 11

Dan: The battle between Glenn and Leos continue. Glenn talks about a girl who was once close to him by the name of Sara who resembles Sistine. Leos is starting to show his true colors, and I have a feeling the duel between Glenn and Leos is going to be a great one. I think Glenn purposely had Leos show his trump card ahead of time so he can plan accordingly in the real match.