My name is Philip, Phil for short. I'm 23 years old and i'm from SoCal! My hobbies include going out to eat and hanging with friends. On the side note, I love karting with my friends. We usually go to K1 Speed Anaheim to go kart every now and then. Also.. Just recently had my first track day and I did pretty solid for my first time being there! Definitely will be going back soon once I soft a few more things out with the car. 

I got into cars back in around 9th grade of highschool. I'd have to dump all the blame onto my friend Kyoung when he first showed me his '00 Berlina Black S2000 and took me on multiple rides through our local canyons. The one thing I remember clearly that captured me was when he took this straightaway with a bend in it going into our neighborhood.. He asked me: "Do you know what VTEC is?" I answered with "no what's that?" Then he'd drop it from 4th to 3rd to 2nd and rip it. The glorious sound of the motor screaming from 6000RPMS to 9000RPMS got me instantly. After that night it sealed  the deal and I was a die hard Honda fan. Of course I did my fair share of research throughout highschool and finally stumbled upon Hot Version.. After watching the numerous touge videos of infamous J's Racing S2000 destroy almost everything I knew at that point I wanted an S2000 for sure. But not only was it that, it was every aspect of the S2000 that had made me fall in love with the car. 



  • - Mugen Header
  • - J's Racing 70MM Test Pipe
  • - T1R 70R-EM Single Exit 
  • - K&N FiPK Intake 
  • - Koyo Rad Radiator + EVS Tuning Titanium Radiator Stays 
  • - BalladeSports Timing Gear 


  • - Enkei RPF1 17x10 +22
  • - KWV3 Coilovers
  • - J's Racing Front Camber Joints
  • - Hard Race Drive Shaft Spacers
  • - AP2 Rear Sway bar
  • - Deft Motion Racing Brake Lines
  • - Hawk HPS Pads


  • - Shine Spoon Style Bumper
  • - Shine Spoon Style Hard top
  • - Shine ASM Style Rear Over Fender
  • - Downforce DF-R Front fenders (+30MM)
  • - AP2 Rear Bumper 
  • - J's Racing 1600mm Wing + 295mm solid wing stands


  • - Momo Monte Carlo 350MM + Works Bell Fixed Hub
  • - Bride ZETA III + Buddy Club Rails
  • - J's Racing Titanium Shift Knob