Chris and I went to Chicago at the end of April to check out Wekfest's annual Chicago event. It was the first time to Chicago for both of us as well, so we had to play catch up.

The weather on our drive up on friday was awful, and it was under 40 degrees and wet the entire weekend, but we weren't going to let that stop us for enjoying the city.

We dropped our bags at the hotel and went immediately to a Japanese restaurant called Sakuma that came highly recommended. The sushi, Yakitori, Ika Tempura, and Goma-Ae are all amazing. If you are in Chicago, please do yourself a favor and check out Sakuma Japanese Restaurant. Afterwards, we hit up an ice cream parlor called Sprinkles.

The next morning, we got up super early to clean the cars (in the rain -.-) and drove to the venue. Prepped our cars and made our way in. The pictures below aren't all of the cars from the event, but are the ones we managed to get pictures of through all of the foot traffic.

We met up with TFworks, JDMChicago, Downstar, as well as the Wekfest crew. It was a great chance to put faces to the names we talk to constantly.

Afterward the main event, we went with locals (including our own Chris S.) to a Cantonese spot by the name of Three Happiness. It is in Chinatown and even though there was a cockroach in the tiny bathroom, the food was on point. This place was SOOOO good, I can't accurate describe how satisfying this meal was.

Due to the weather we ended up calling it early and left the next morning. If driving from Nashville area to Chicago, we HIGHLY recommend the I-57 route vs the I-65 route. The roads are 1000x better and the drive is shorter once traffic is factored in.