As I said in the last blog, we visited a restaurant called, Game, in Louisville KY. And it is everything you'd expect. A simple burger joint offering you a wide variety of meat choices.

You walk in, and the restaurant is decked out like a ski lodge. The bar is stocked full of whiskeys and beers. Many local specials were available to try. Michael tried this awesome beer called Blue Moon because he's such a risky devil.

The menu is where this restaurant shines though. A simple idea, burgers, with a twist in the way of 14 different meat choices ranging from Kangaroo to Duck.

The local favorite is Wagyu Beef, but I opted to try Kangaroo just to say I had. Kangaroo is pretty gamey and lean, but packed full of flavor. I was very conflicted about eating it, but it was worth the experience. Jared swears by the duck fat fries, but I couldn't get on board.

I'm not sure why, but I figured Kangaroo would have been a white meat, but when cooked it looked similar to beef. If you didn't know it wasn't beef, you'd be in for a hell of a surprise when you took a bite. The sweet potato fries were by far the best i've had, and I get them everywhere.

The smores dessert is not on the menu, but we saw some kids order it and couldn't pass the opportunity to develop diabetes.

If you want to visit Game: