I've never been to Southern Roots before this event and Martin has been begging me to come check it out, so I decided to set up a booth and see what they had going on.

I stopped by Louisville to hang out with friends the night before and we decided to grab food at this bomb little burger joint called Game. You could choose from 12 different meats, some normal others extremely exotic. The next blog post will cover this restaurant.

Afterwards we stopped by a local Friday night meet. There were some quality cars, and a lot of enthusiasm (and shit talk.) The street scene is alive and well in Louisville, it really reminds me of Nashville circa 2009 and brings back very fond memories. I won't give out too much, but you can definitely get in trouble very easily if you're wanting to.

The next morning we rolled out at 6am to head towards Cincinnati. The weather was perfect, allowing us to drive with the windows down enjoying the crisp backwoods air.

We setup the booth and met all kinds of awesome dudes. The reception of our stickers was awesome. Everyone seemed to love them and we got to check out a bunch of dope rides. The lighting was very funky due to changing weather, garage lighting, and me sucking behind the lens.

This Integra was my personal favorite from the show, and that says a lot since I'm not a huge Integra fan personally.

And the funkiest car of the show goes to this Lexus front end converted, fender-mirror-having 86.